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America is at its best when faced with adversity.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

As uncertain times bring communities together (from afar), it’s imperative that retailers like you continue to open your doors to meet the needs of the public.

This is precisely why SAM Corp. has partnered with national lenders and retail companies to better support those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. During these uncertain times, SAM Corp. will continue to provide an essential service to consumers and will reduce fees collected to put more cash in the hands of those who need it most.

As a SAM Machine owner, you choose the fee rate for each different type of check.

Check cashing is a valued community service that many families depend on.

As uncertain times continue to leave communities at risk, SAM Corp. has helped businesses across the country serve their community, all while bringing in loyal cash-in-hand customers. SAM Machines made it simple & safe for retailers like you to diversify your business & expand your community reach through check cashing. While still promoting social distancing; no employees needed, no long lines!

As the FED continues to try and stay ahead of the economic slowdown, interest rates are being cut drastically.

With interest rates lowered, our lease rates are at an all time low - making now the perfect time to invest in helping your community. Connecting your community to their cash is paramount as banks and other alternative financial services continue to close their doors to the public. Underbanked communities will be hit the hardest by this, causing their needs to increase. As these communities continue to grow, it's imperative we provide them alternative financing at their center of community (ie. your grocery/convenience store) so that they can quickly and safely gain access to their cash.

SAM Corp. makes check cashing headache free for retailers like you.

We have been vetted across the country in 27 states and counting. So, we here at SAM Corp. aren't worried about the inevitable increase in fraud attempts as times get tougher. We've seen it all; if a check doesn't pass the algorithm, it's remotely directed to one of our expert check cashers for verification. Working alongside large grocers like HAC & Coborn's, c-store chains like Little General & Cal's/Stripes, and small business owners, SAM Corp. has done it all. We keep business owners 100% compliant with all local, state, and federal rules & regulations, all while guaranteeing every check cashed. Schedule a demo today to discover the check cashing potential in your area.

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