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Stop dealing with bank hassles.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

With a SAM Machine in your store, you're not the Money Service Business (MSB), we are. That way, you never have to bother with the banks and their bullshit. Our team handles everything from getting licensed* to ongoing compliance-related work.

Add a new service to the list you provide without having to take on extra work!

The SAM Machine is a self-service check cashing machine that does it all. All you have to do is load your machine with cash and watch your money grow (via our 24/7 mobile-friendly online reporting dashboard that only you can access).

You choose what your fee rates are for each type of check. Charge 3% for paychecks, 5% for government-issued, and 10% for money orders, it's completely up to you (and the regulations of your state)!

Make money while you sleep, with SAM!

*We are legally not allowed to get your license for you if your stores are located in New York or New Jersey. In these states, we assist you in every way we can.


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