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Committed to our retailers success

Samco Financial (SamCo) is a nationwide check cashing business primarily servicing the unbanked and underbanked community. Currently operating in over 400 locations nationwide, with over 200,000 unique users, SamCo offers the only self-service check cashing kiosk in America with a vast reach to a growing customer base.

At SamCo, we are dedicated to providing top-tier service and tailored solutions to ensure our retailers maximize profits while building a loyal user base.

Our commitment to providing our retail owners with new revenue streams, expanded community reach, and unmatched customer loyalty is exemplified by our gratified and growing clientele.

HOW THE KIOSK WORKS FOR YOU You are responsible for loading cash into the kiosk's safe, we remote capture the funds from each check and electronically transfer (ACH) you the full amount + fees earned weekly. You can monitor live cash counts, transaction history, and fee revenue anytime on our secure online reporting platform.

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retail check cashing system
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retail check cashing system
retail check cashing system

Committed to the underbanked

Our mission is to serve those in need of an alternative to traditional banking by offering fast, convenient access to low-fee check cashing.

SamCo is built on a customer-centric approach that ensures our partners an increase in customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and diversified revenue streams.

HOW THE KIOSK WORKS FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS The customer follows the on-screen instructions, accepts the fee that you set, receives their cash, and continues shopping in your store. All they need is their phone number, valid check, and ID (state ID, driver's license, Mexican ID, veterans ID, and more).

retail check cashing system
retail check cashing solution
retail check cashing software
retail check cashing system
retail check cashing solution
retail check cashing system


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WEIGHT 300 lbs


Minimum 2 MB upload speed (75MB+ optimal)

RJ-45 Port within 5 feet of machine location

Front Service Access 110V, 12 Amp

Store owner is responsible for loading cash

Get up and running this month


What do I need to host the kiosk in my retail store? All you need is a hard-wired internet connection and a standard outlet.

Who is responsible for bad checks?  SAM is responsible for all checks cashed through our system. If a bad check gets past our software and team, we are liable for collecting on it. Our retailers are never responsible for a bad check, even if it is a duplicate deposit on a good check.

What fee do you charge the customer?  You have the flexibility to set competitive check cashing fees based on your location and check type to comply with state regulations. SAM charges you a 40% commission on all collected fees at the end of each month. 

Who loads cash into the kiosk? To ensure security, you (the retailer) are responsible for maintaining cash levels in the kiosk's double vault system. We recommend establishing a cash-loading routine that complies with your security protocols.

How much cash should be in the kiosk?  To ensure a smooth customer experience, we recommend maintaining at least $7,500 in the kiosk. Each kiosk has four cassettes dispensing $1, $5, $20, and $100 bills, offering a maximum capacity of $126,000.

How do I receive the dispensed cash and earned fees?  We electronically transfer (ACH) the total funds dispensed to your customers, along with your earned fees, on a weekly basis. This applies to retailers exceeding a specific transaction volume. If your transactions are lower volume, we will ACH you on a bi-weekly basis.

What is the cost of the kiosk? Kiosk pricing depends on various factors like features and configuration. For a tailored quote that reflects your specific needs, please connect with our sales team at +1 (440) 252-5019 option 3. They're located in our Cleveland, OH office and happy to assist you.

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