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How SNP Food Mart found success switching to a self-serve check cashing system

Monday, August 2, 2021

SNP Food Mart provides a range of services to its customers so it's convenient for them and has a mission to be Live Oak, Floridas' convenience store of choice.

In addition to offering gas, hot food, lottery, and more, SNP has cashed checks for its customers for over 20 years. This multi-service approach offers the community a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience and ensures that its customers are properly served.

In this case study, we speak to Vishal Patel, Owner at SNP Food Mart, to better understand why he chose The SAM Machine to better serve his customers and increase in-store sales, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why SNP chose The SAM Machine

“We've been using The SAM Machine as our check cashing solution since 2020. We wanted to increase our foot traffic and enhance our customer service strategy during the pandemic. It also gives us the opportunity to show our customers we care about their safety, time, and business,” says Vishal.

“As we change and modify our fee rates, SAM Corp. has been there to support our goals and momentum towards increasing revenue.”

How SNP uses The SAM Machine to separate itself from competition

The convenience industry is extremely competitive. Many retailers in the same city offer more or less the same goods & services as the next. That's why, when looking for a better way to cash their customers' checks, The SAM Machine caught Vishal's attention. Not to mention the exclusive territory radius that each SAM Machine comes with (1-2 sq. miles in which The SAM Machine Corp. will not, under any circumstances, sell a machine to your competition).

Since purchasing the companies first two machines, SNP has prevented 3 other retailers in the Live Oak area from being able to get a SAM Machine in their store.

"When SAM Corp. calls me and lets me know that there was another retailer interested in our territory, it makes me feel good and reassures me that they're committed to my stores' long-term success," says Vishal.

SNP uses SAM Machines to attract weekly cash customers and provide a valued service to its customers when it's convenient for them. This also helps them retain their customer base and continue expanding the stores' customer base.

SNP employees and regulars love The SAM Machine

The SAM Machine is a plug & play solution that offers retailers a seamless transition from traditional check cashing methods to our complete self-serve solution. The day a SAM Machine is installed it is fully operational and capable of cashing checks for your customers.

Employees love The SAM Machine as they no longer have to deal with impatient, rude customers that are held up by customers cashing checks at the counter. No more service counter bottlenecks and unhappy patrons on Friday night - The SAM Machine & team handle it all.

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