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Cash checks of any type and amount and earn fee revenue. Easily set your own fee rates and track your earnings from anywhere. We handle check verification and take responsibility for any fraud. Your customers agree to the fee you set and can keep shopping in your store(s).

retail check cashing system
retail check cashing system

Payroll & Unemployment

retail check cashing kiosk

Government Issued

self-service check cashing kiosk

Money Order Cashing

buy check cashing kiosk

Insurance Check Cashing

buy check cashing kiosk + check cashing kiosk for sale

and many more!

> 626,000

checks cashed across 38 states and counting

> $284M

dollars cashed through SAM Machines and counting

> 89%

of customers spend money in-store after cashing a check

Create loyal customers with the #1 self-service check cashing system

SAM provides shipping, installation, and training, plus territory rights and marketing packages to increase awareness. You provide the cash necessary to cash your community's checks. SAM Machines cash checks fast, increase inside store sales (CPG/Food), and reduce swipe fees.

check cashing kiosk for sale
Grocery Store Staff

Why use multiple apps, POS systems, and employees to cash checks?

SAM Machines are self-serve, and Samco provides 24-hour customer service. Easily monitor your check cashing machine from anywhere using our mobile-friendly online reporting dashboard. Access transaction history, real-time bill count, rejected checks, and more. Say goodbye to employee errors and uncertainties with checks.

SAM handles all banking, licensing, and compliance work

Interested in starting a check cashing business? We know banking and licensing can be complex. With a SAM Machine, we handle the MSB responsibilities for you. Just keep your SAM Machine stocked with cash. We remotely capture and transfer all funds, including fees, to your preferred bank account on a weekly basis.

Smiling with a Headset

Our customers

Simple and convenient for customers... I have this machine for 1 year now in my c-store and till date I have seen improvement in the overall business. Every month more and more people come in to cash their checks. I am very happy with the machine in fact I just bought my second machine."

buy check cashing kiosk + check cashing kiosk for sale

Sunny Mahavadi
Sunnys One Stop & Velero

Get up and running this month

Boost in-store sales and supercharge customer loyalty with a complete check cashing system, The SAM Machine.

buy check cashing kiosk + check cashing kiosk for sale
retail check cashing kiosk

Lifelong customers

Weekly shoppers. SAM Machines increase in-store sales as customers continue shopping after cashing their checks.

buy check cashing kiosk + check cashing kiosk for sale

Hands free

Store teams love The SAM Machine. Our intuitive system is easy to learn and 100% self-service for the customers. Free up store personnel to better serve your customers' needs.

retail check cashing system

Profitable every month

The convenience of a SAM Machine creates a virtuous cycle: faster service, more sales, delighted customers, and higher profits.

Right place, right time

Your customers cash checks somewhere. Why not start their week in your store? SAM Machines create weekly shoppers that are ready to spend additional money in-store.

check cashing kiosk for sale
check cashing kiosk for sale

Convenience matters

C-stores and grocery stores are beacons of their community, providing much-needed goods and services to their customers when they need them most. SAM Machines allow you to better serve your community as a whole.

Self-service, perfected

Every kiosk purchase grants you access to a private and secure online reporting dashboard. Upon logging in, retail owners can view real-time earnings generated by each of their SAM Machines.

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Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty

You understand the loyalty of the check-cashing community. Cashing checks boosts revenue, foot traffic, and customer satisfaction. However, concerns about bad checks and fraud persist. Samco provides the solution by guaranteeing all checks cashed through SAM Machines.

Get up and running this month

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