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Cost, transparency, and service; Why self-service check cashing beats traditional.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Retail check cashing

In this case study, we speak to Sunil Patel, Owner at SP, to better understand why he chose The SAM Machine to better serve his customers and improve his business.

Sunil knows that he's the only convenient check cashing option in his area (Kingsland, GA). So, he wanted to make sure he had the best technology available to retain his share of the market. Luckily for him, each SAM Machine is a complete check cashing system that comes with 24/7 customer support, in-house recovery and marketing teams, and a NO FRAUD GUARANTEE.

Why SP chose The SAM Machine

“Most check cashing solutions require employee training and multiple computer programs, some that'd make us upgrade our entire POS system,” says Sunil.

“The SAM Machine was the only option we found that solved all of our issues and was easy to implement. The team came and installed our machine the next week and we were able to start cashing checks that day.”

How SP uses The SAM Machine to separate itself from competition

C-stores in the same area are extremely competitive. Many fuel stations in the same city offer more or less the same goods & services as the next. That's why, when looking for a better way to cash their customers' checks, The SAM Machine caught Sunil's attention. No more long lines, high fees, and cranky customer service reps for your customers. AND, no more unhappy, impatient, rude patrons demanding their cash. Customers only ever have to interact with the machine (and occasionally our 24/7 customer support line).

"My customers could not be happier with self-service check cashing," says Sunil.

"They love the convenience of it. All they have to do is insert their check, follow the on-screen instructions, get their cash, and continue shopping."

Sunil uses his SAM Machine to retain weekly cash customers and provide a convenient service to his community. A large customer base is good, but a LOYAL customer base delivers higher revenue & customer satisfaction.

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