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Add a new (profitable) service to the list of services you provide.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Each day, more and more people choose alternative financial services over banks in the US.

add service to cstore
Traditional banking options are on their final thread.

Nobody wants to wait in a crowded line to speak to a teller about their finances. That's why they don't have a traditional bank account, to begin with.

People value convenience. People value privacy.

SAM Machines cash checks FAST and encourage in-store spending. Offer a new service, without taking on any extra work for you or your employees.

Collect fee revenue on each check cashed through your SAM Machine and monitor your earnings from anywhere in real-time using our mobile-friendly reporting dashboard.

Call today to learn how you can connect your community to their cash!

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1 Comment

Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams
Feb 19, 2023

Can I endorse the check and yall still cash it

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